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Design Drivers


The landscape as a metaphor to express past and future


The landscape as a catalyst to promote future growth and business


The landscape a stage for engaging entertainment and recreational activity


The landscape as story telling


The landscape as a place for social discourse and community events


The landscape as a place for fun and entertainment


The landscape as a platform to assist in an active and vital business centre


The landscape as the heart and soul of the new city and district



The region


SuZhouis renowned for its historical gardens and waterways and agrarian culture.  It is a famous tourism region attracting international visitors from all parts of the world.  However, in recent yearsSuzhouhas undergone a bold shift with smart technology industries serving both national and world markets.

Integral ofSuzhou’s historical fabric, those technologies based industries are now an integral part ofSuzhou’s urban identity and economy.  The merge and juxtaposition of the old and new – the traditional and contemporary are now defining characteristic ofSuzhou’s urban fabric and are an intrinsic characteristic of the design competition district and new town of WeiTing.


在苏州城市肌理中,高新技术产业已经成为现代苏州经济与城市形象的重要组成部分。 新与旧的融合,传统与现代的并致,成为当今苏州城市肌理的特色,并且不可避免的成为本项目基地和维亭新镇的特色所在。


A unique and metaphorical landscape


A landscape that shifts to the future and a landscape that respects the past.



To design an exciting landscape that is both contemporary and metaphorical. The landscape fabric will be meaningful and will interpret and fuse the districts’ old and new cultures and economies.


The new city will be the business and administration engine of a mixed live,work and play district. Although the economic base of the new Weiting district will be based on mixed uses, a heavy emphasis on new and world class technology industries will form its primary economic function.


As for the region ofSuzhou, the Weitingdistrict has undergone a radical shift from an agrarian based society and economy to a society based around a contemporary world connected to global markets.  Presently, that both cultures and fabrics happily coexist in juxtaposition forms unique district identity.


The shift from old to new and the coexist notion and character that underpins design concept for the proposed pedestrian street and surrounding spaces.


The landscape will be story telling and place making in a highly creative and contemporary manner informing both users and visitors of the districts past, present and future values and aspirations.