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 Photo: Bin Jiang

Density, diversity, and design are three factors of walkability.

Density was quantified as residential population density and job density;

Diversity was quantified as the percentage of residents within walking distance of defined diverse uses (DUs) that provide a measure of mixed-used development.

Design was quantified as trail availability per 1,000 residents, bicycle path availability per 100 residents, and the number of intersection per square kilometer.

We can use  following criteria as appropriate walking distances between diverse uses (DUs) places and residential places.


Diverse Use (DU)                                                     Walking Distance Criteria
Transit stops                                                                         ≤ 400 m
Grocery stores                                                                      ≤ 800 m
Fresh food places                                                                  ≤ 800 m
Convenience stores                                                               ≤ 400 m
Elementary schools                                                              ≤ 1,500 m