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This March, I presented a new way to objectively measure psychological status (stress level) by using a psychophysiological technology.

Thanks for all teammates’ contribution to our project.


1. A small reduction in driving causes a large drop in traffic. In 2008, the number of vehicle miles traveled dropped by 3%, translating to a nearly 30% reduction in peak hour congestion.

2. Transportation sources account for 70% of USA’s oil consumption and for 30% of total USA GHG emissions.

3. Simply increasing bicycling and walking from 10% of trips to 13% could lead to fuel savings of around 3.8 billion gallons a year. This equivalent to having 19 million more hybrid cars on the road.

4. For the price of one mile of four lane urban highway, around $50 million, hundreds of miles of bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure can be built, an investment that could complete an entire network of active transportation facilities for a mid-sized city.

5. 40% of all trips in USA are two miles or less, 74% of which are traveled by car.

6. Bicycling and walking make up 10% of all trips made in USA, but receive less than two percent of federal transportation funding.