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Living with Nature: A Memory of My Life in the Dan Kiley Office


An Interview with Joe Karr






Brief biography:

Joe Karr was born in Rochelle, Illinois on March 5, 1938. In 1956 Karr entered the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign to study city planning but soon changed his focus to landscape architecture. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Landscape Architecture in 1960.  He then entered the University of Pennsylvania and, studying under Ian McHarg and Karl Linn, attained a Master of Landscape Architecture in 1962. While he was a student and for a short time after graduation, Karr worked at the Eastern Office of Design and Construction of the National Park Service in Philadelphia . In spring 1963 he took a position at the Office of Dan Kiley in Charlotte, Vermont, and was there for a period of six years. In early 1969 Karr left the Kiley office and moved to Chicago to open his own office, Joe Karr and Associates, which provided landscape design for more than 700 projects throughout the country for 35 years until 2004. The office’s broad spectrum of projects ranged from large corporate campuses to single family homes. Joe Karr and Associates was closed in 2004. Karr continued practice as a consultant until 2011. He is now retired and resides in Chicago.


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